Re-did this Blog.

When I first started this blog, I was mostly planning on reporting and going deeper on my logic I/O experiments of my Hammer Notepad video series. However, after 2012, my interest in making crazy things with just the I/O alone grew dull, and became more, and more simple. With this, Hammer Notepad videos became less of a thing. That, and I also forgot about this blog.

Earlier last month, I was like "I should really make sure that everything (well, mostly everything) I released is up to date, and can be downloaded and installed after the trillion updates that happened over the years." I started with A Little Higher, and Tornate by fixing a few hiccups on the workshop version, and re-releasing the manual install version with detailed instructions. After those two series was done, I started to look at my other maps which where finished. For Old Times Sake did not need to be updated, and Feather Away was intended to be a Workshop only release. I'm still working on Blue Portals. I prob still should release that update that I said I would release months ago, but I haven't yet.

Along with all that work, I was in the mood of cleaning out my Google account. over 2,000 emails I saved from 2010 was deleted, cleared my Drive storage, and on this blog, I listed all of the maps, mappacks, and Blue Portals up top. If you have not checked any of my works yet, feel free too!

Sorry for the lacking of posts for those who check frequently, Intentions of this blog changed over time. This will now be a hub for all my Source projects and I'll post another blog post if I feel it's something really big.


  1. Good job, Reep! I've been accompanying you through Twitter and YouTube with these updates, and you're handling them pretty well. I know how annoying Valve stuff can be when they need to be/are updated, so what you're doing here is pretty cool!


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