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It's Alive! (Mostly)

I got my Pi in the mail this week and I was really excited to put it all together. The touch screen was v1.2, and it was half assembled as I didn't have to do the ribbons to the screens logic board, nor attach it to the Pi. All I had to do was attach my Pi to the rails, link it to the logic board, and put it in a case.

There are a few gotcha's with this set up. First, the screen was upside down. Who ever made the case should have put the port cutouts on the other side. So I had to to put this line in my boot config file.

lcd_rotate=2 It's still upside down in post, but once it loads the OS, it's correct. There is a hole page on how to get the screen to behave how you want it here if you got the same screen. One thing I'm trying to figure out is how to cancel signal to the screen if the HDMI cord is plugged in to a TV. Basically, was hoping that it would act like a Nintendo Switch where if it detected HDMI, the screen would change to the HDMI out.

Another thing is t…

Sizing Down To Pi

Wow, two posts in the same month! Something that this blog hasn't seen in a long time. I hope to continue writing more frequently from now on. I have a lot of days where yeah, I got time, but not enough to get invested in something like level design, modeling or anything that needs hours of attention.

What I wish to write about this evening are my opinions about making video games in this day in age.

To put it bluntly: It's mostly long, tedious, can cost a lot, and most of the time has high expectations.

Now, sometimes like seen with Cuphead, years on working on a project full of passion can really pay off. But have you noticed the last few games that you saw all over the internet wasn't a full, 3D Triple-A product? Games like Minecraft and UnderTale used very simple graphics and did what they wanted to do well. They were both easily accessible games that can run on pretty much any hardware, which I think is a key element of if a game makes or breaks. If people see a video…

Follow up

It's been quite a while since I've touched this blog. I was posting most of my content over on my Leadwerks Developer Blog (cause it was 99% Leadwerks related.) If you take the time to read some posts, I've released a Lua framework called Luawerks, and it's right now on sale on Steam for $9.99! 

Luawerks is my first (and so far my only) purchasable content. Long story short for those who are wondering what the hell it does; it pretty much adds a developer console, menu ui, and other gross stuff that most people don't want to do. (You know, what most Triple-A engines give you out of the box sometimes.)

It's because of Leadwerks, I actually taught myself the gross bits of game developing. I wasn't just programming the fun gameplay stuff; oh no, I was doing the crap that most people took for granted, and ripping my hair out to get it right. While most might see it as a waste of time, I enjoyed the experience, and gained a lot of confidence in programming in-ge…