Work on it until you are sick of it!

People work on mods when they have spare time, and when they feel like it. But since last week, I've been working almost non-stop on PUNT since the art style change. Non stop development since November. There was always something I was doing for PUNT.

To make developing easier, I composed the puzzles as separate maps and then later stitch the maps together. This would be slapping level transition prefabs to the ends of the map and re-saving under the final name. But while developing the chambers, I configured the 2009 tools to work with PUNT with a work around with appid and file reading. This gives me the availability to use instances which are the most useful thing when developing a mod, and a better model viewer that lets you see the loaded vmts. During the finalization process, the doors and other instance-able elements will replace the prefab counter parts, and the level changing prefabs will be slapped on. I already did this to some maps so far, but not all the beginning maps are finish yet. I still got one more map before we start to see any flow in the mod.

It was last week when all of this became too much for me to comprehend, I got lost, and I had all these tasks to do at once. I was pretty much getting sick of the project after a full year of working on it, although there was a pause in development early on. I had these moments with Blue Portals, and this is when I drop development for a short while, and get myself into it by playing the project a week or so later. Forgetting all what you have to do, and going back in with a refreshed mind works for me.

So what have I been doing in the meantime? Well, I been doing some illustrating art work, and playing around with Ubuntu. on a different drive. Yes, I was going to get my TF2 Tux, but it seems like Steam and the current version of the OS conflict and it causes Ubuntu to not boot after an installment of Steam. I'm gonna wait until that gets fixed, or preform a work around. Other then that, it is a fantastic OS, but it is a darn shame that I can't fully migrate from Windows because of things like Source SDK, and Adobe software. Still playing with the open source alternatives, my goal is to make that my "art OS", and my Windows drive my gaming disk. I do plan to get, or at least start looking at a new PC in the next year or so which I'll end up getting a SSD drive for Windows.

Again, just a short little post here to let you in what is going on. Hopefully later this week/next week I'll boot up PUNT and the tools again. Right now, I still get a headache just thinking about it.