We Are Alive & Kicking! And so is Portal!

Portal: Alive & Kicking was announced a few days back. Its a Portal 2 addon, which will recreate the adventure of Chell during  the adventure of the original Portal, with the current look of Aperture labs.  So why do this is a few other people are doing it too, and why play it?

Portal: Alive & Kicking is pretty much a collaboration of recreated Portal maps for Portal 2. Not only Colossal and I are working on it, but also PortalPlayer, an admin for myApertureLabs, Omnicoder, mapper of the third place entry Edifice of the Summer Mapping Initiative Contest, Groxmapper, and  Wauterboi, who does music.

Chamber 13

Chamber 14

Chamber 16

This project is still under development, so please watch the ModDB page for more updates.


  1. That's so funny! I was going to do the exact same thing! Well, you make better mods than I do. Can't wait to play this!!

  2. I can't wait for this! Are you including the time trials? Because if so, I'm not sure how Chamber 15 is going to work because you need to use peek-a-portal to get a gold time, which you can't do in Portal 2..

  3. I'm seriously so exited for this. I can't wait to see how you make the energy balls and the receivers and such. If you would like anyone else to help you with the maps I would be happy to oblige

  4. This blog deserves more followers...

  5. This is a good mod! I have a suggestion. I would like to see a version of this without missing tiles. Maybe there could be 2 versions:one with the missing tiles and another one with all the tiles filled in. I would like to play this when I'm able to get a new computer,though.


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