Conversion Cube'd

First off, this map and the vmf is out. You can download them both here. (The vmf is in the SDK.) As you may notice in the SDK I have 2 vmfs. The plan was to extend the map a bit, but it did not go well at all. No idea why, I got andry and gave yup

A little history: The paint system started way back in the summer when everyone was remaking Portal 2 elements in Portal 1. One thing that people tried and tried was the gels. Well to be honest, while on a role with the Thermal Discouragement Beam, Faith Plates and Vents (What happened to those?) I got cocky and decided to tackle the paint deal.

To make a long story short, I did it in the most complicated way possible. The main issue was not the jumping effect, but the stains. To fix this, the floors worked like a grid. The paint would hit a sector, making the stain and spawning the effect at the center of that box. You can see it here.

But for the common human mind (and its normal for everyone else to see this as madness), no one understood it. Also, on some machines, it would crash. (No, not fixing it, Wait 5 days for Portal 2.) How are we going to pull the same effect, but easier?

When the paint will breaks, it will tell its maker to spawn 1.25 secs after the call. The ground will just have a trigger that tells the !activator to break. And if theres a Portal under the dropping, you just disable it if so using HMWs Portal detector. There, paint falls, hits floor, respawns! Now on to the cube. When the paint hits the cube, it will break but call a relay, and a logic_branch that controls the cubes properties.

The break/splat effect is called by a relay, then the trigger also calls the branch. The trigger will also tell the paint to break, thus the paint will tell its maker to respawn. The paint also has a info_target parented and spawned with it, make sure the info_particle_system spawns to that target before its killed!

Confusing? Take a look at the vmfs. maybe you will understand it better with the file and this post. . 


  1. ......yeah, I don't get it :P I'm not that smart. I really want to learn how to do stuff like that, though.


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