Blue Portals

Released: November 28th, 2010
Game: Portal
Platforms: PC, Mac 

Mod Members:
The Hamster Alliance

Additional Support 
Phillip Marlowe (aka PlanetPhillip)
Slade Skox
Jason Mojica (aka General Vivi)
Project Beta Team*

Blue Portals is a unique Portal mod that forces players to use only the blue portal only version of the Portalgun. Explore The Blue Portals Development Center and experiment with mind blowing elements such as portaling light and wind.

Blue Portals: Extended Play

Blue Portals: Extended Play is a small mappack for Blue Portals showing off various mechanics old and new, using the fully operational Portalgun. Players will be tested on their knowledge of Portals and the Blue Portals elements. Although Extended Play does not continue the player's story be, it will hint more about the development center and its past. Blue Portals: Extended Play is included with Blue Portals.